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PANTENE PRO V (1 minute miracle ampoule) 
sent by the Pinkbox
I've already mentioned last week in my short preview post, I've tested the one minutes Miracle ampoule of Pantene Pro V with amazing results. I've had about three months before I make a perm - unfortunately not very pleasing to the conclusion that the lady has quite badly burned in my hair salon specialist. Burned one must not imagine the action of heat, but with the use of too much too strong perm liquid. This unfortunately led to the fact that my hair actually had to be completely cut off, but while I defended myself. My hair was cut (shoulder length) and had unfortunately (completely no matter which skin care product I've used always stohige, dry and almost matted-looking hair. I really have tried EVERYTHING that you can buy on the German market for a lot of money to repair such damaged hair but unfortunately it did nothing - no help nothing But then came the day when my Pinkbox has sent the Miracle ampoule of Pantene I have tried them and leave instead of one minute five minutes -.., and what shall I say it? helped! Hooray for this product ... my hair is not like before perm (but my hair texture was also extremly damaged) but I have hair again like a man and not look like a witch. ;-) The hair texture was much smoother and the hair is not so extremly dry. I'll still use the miracle vial a few times and I hope that I have brought three or four treatments my hair back to the state as they were before in my professional salon de acid attack. 
I believe if someone not so very damaged hair, like I did, but his hair "just" has damaged by coloring, blow drying and straightening or creping that the promised effect arrives after the first application.
My Conclusion: Highly recommended, even with severe damage to the hair
Test Results:
Packaging design: 2 (good)
Product design: 2 (good)
Package Size: 1 (very good)
Handling: 1 (very good)
Economical use possible: not applicable
Value: 1 (very good)
Konsestenz: 1 (very good)
Fragrance: 2 (good)
visible results: 1 (very good)
Care Result: 1 (very good)
Compatibility: 1 (very good)
Final verdict: 1 - (very good)
Content : 15ml
Price : 1.99 EUR
Available : Drugstore
Official Product Description : The highly concentrated Pantene Pro-V formula protects your hair against damage and increases resistance against styling damage after only one minute application. use . use the product in brittle to extremely damaged hair
contents of a vial is sufficient for an application
type the product on hand. Do you work there then the entire hair, beginning at the tips. After a minute, wash and rinse well. For best results use in addition to Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner.
The history of Pantene Pro V:

In the early 1940s
, it was once in Switzerland

during the Second World War a team of Swiss scientists was applied to develop more effective treatments for burns. 1947 Pantene Pro-V is born On the basis of panthenol developed for the Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffman-LaRoche associated Company Pantene Pro-V is a premium brand of hair care products that will be offered in Europe. The delicately scented products are packed in elegant glass bottles. 1960s The wave spills over to America because more and more European tourists ask Pantene Pro-V, the American retail begins by importing the products from Switzerland. The world of shopping in New York is just a tad bit more exclusive, as Pantene Pro-V begins in the U.S. to offer its hair care products exclusively in premium stores. 1975-1976 "The Gold Cap" Pantene Pro-V changes its packaging and invents the golden closure, the is a cult object. Even 35 years later still remember many women in their Pantene Pro-V bottle with the gold cap. 1983 Now the fun begins in the early 1980s Pantene extended Pro-V to its range: the new slogan, "The Care and Feeding of Beautiful Hair "is underlined, the scientific claim of Pantene Pro-V as the leading brand for beautiful and healthy looking hair. 1986 Pop culture has arrived "Do not hate me because I'm beautiful" is the slogan, one with the Pantene Pro-V new chapter in the history of advertising for Haarpflegeprodukteaufschlägt. 1985 Pantene Pro-V is then acquired by Procter & Gamble. This leads to a massive expansion of the distribution network, and women anywhere in the world now have the opportunity to reach Pro-V to enjoy the amenities of Pantene. early 1990 Worldwide presence Pantene Pro-V continues its triumphant march around the world on. Across Australia and New Zealand it comes to Eastern and Central Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, Korea and Japan. Pantene Pro-V offers a stunning range of hair care and styling products, and is increasingly focusing on bringing products for healthy looking hair to the man, or rather to the woman. 1 995 thousand good reasons to leave Pantene Pro-V the one billion mark in sales exceed 1997-1998 On Olympus of fashion Pantene Pro-V consistently pursued his way as a premium supplier of hair care products on and is supported by leading beauty magazines and fashion magazines. 2000-2006 Ran to look revolutionized Pantene Pro-V Hair Care by Products are offered that are made ​​just for the look that the client wants. Pantene Pro-V offers worldwide hair care and styling products and has for all the ideas and needs around beautiful hair the right solution. 2012 The Structural Revolution After years of intensive research and development work is Pantene Pro-V have been most comprehensive and at the same breakthrough concept a new type of hair care before - customized solutions that are based on the individual hair structure. You tell us what hair you have, and we help you to achieve the hair you want to have

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