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Lipsmaker (lip balm) fashion brand from the U.S.

Sent from the Glossybox young
From the Glossybox young I got a lip balm brand Lipsmaker in the flavor Strawberry-Banana last week sent. For those who do not know the brand Lipsmaker just for info: The product comes from the U.S. and was a minor sensation in my youth on the German market lip balm. A balm usually costs 2.49 € (RRP) - Douglas offers the series, however, already from 1,95 €, and there are many, many different fragrance and flavors. In my youth I had bought time "vanilla". This flavor is actually a small tip to lose weight, because the vanilla flavor can disappear cravings for sweets. But we now come to the flavor, which was sent to me "Strawberry Banana" Yes what can I say? No matter which variety you get caught by Lipsmaker, what you see is really there. So both the smell and the taste is really very, very apt. Interestingly, I would have found it by the Glossybox if they had drinks with "Coke" and "Sprite" sent, but I like the Lipsmaker know brand are these lip balms keep exactly what they promise, namely Cola and Sprite taste . 
My conclusion: The lip balm though actually cares the lips and also gives a delicate rose-colored tone, but quite honestly Lipsmaker is definitely a brand for young people and not for adults - who it is though: Please do not, why? The brand is in any case for more than fifteen years of absolute cult in Germany and will continue to be comfortable with the youth.
Test Results:
Packaging design: 3 (satisfactory)
Package Size: 1 (very good)
Handling: 1 (very good)
Economical use possible: yes
Value for money: 3 (satisfactory)
Konsestenz: 3 (satisfactory)
Fragrance: 2 + (good)
Visible results: 4 (sufficient)
Care Result: 4 (sufficient)
Compatibility: 2 (good)
Final verdict: 3 (satisfactory)

Contents : 4g
Price : EUR 1.95 to 2.49

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