Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

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Calvin Klein Beauty 

sent from trnd

From the opinion poll company trnd I got a women's fragrance from Calvin Klein sent. "Beauty" is a pleasant feminine, yet very fresh fragrance for women for the day. It has a sporty look and gives a fresh feeling of well. The scent lasts a long time and fits any types. Just for the summer, it is very comfortable to wear. My conclusion: The sporty scent lasts all day and is not too intrusive. The simple design of the bottle is very decorative.

Test Results:
Packaging design: 2 (good)
Package Size: 1 (very good)
Handling: 1 (very good)
Economical use possible: yes
Value: 2 + (good)
Konsestenz: 1 (very good)
Fragrance: 2 + (good)
visible results: not applicable
Care Result: not applicable
Compatibility: 1 (very good)
Final Verdict: 2 + (good)
Content : 30ml / 50ml / 100ml
Price : 49,99 € / 72,95 € / 95,00 €
official product description : A bright elegant fragrance with woody floral notes, underscoring the ultimate feminine strength and surrounds you like a radiant aura.

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