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P2 (nail polish "color victim 950 like a movie star!") 
sent from the Glossybox YOUNG
This month I have young of the Glossybox get a nail polish sent. It is first of all not further postpone, but I must honestly say that I was somewhat disappointed by the company. The P2 brand is a cheap low-budged brand, (ausschlicßlich because of the price in my opinion) is very popular among young girls. I personally do not think much of the products made by P2. Certainly, there may be products that could teach me one better, but this nail polish is definitely not one of my favorites. I bought a few years ago once a kohl of P2, which was perfectly fine and recommended for the price, but this test in this judgment I can not unfortunately give nail polish. 
First, a word about the color: The color (color victim 950like a movie star) is a - I think - very beautiful and especially trendy color. For this purpose, in any case P2 gets a plus from me. ;-)
Course of the test: If the nail polish color does play a very big role, but because tastes are different counts in a test more handling and especially the durability of the nails. To give a better chance when cutting around the nail polish I used a special base coat (clear coat) from Chanel before applying. This coating keeps my experience, very long time (about 1 week) and also extends the shelf life of nail polishes. After application of the base paint I got down to the job of the HP nail polish and found that my Konsestenz do not like: In my opinion much too thin. The thin, much too liquid Konsestenz it is difficult to achieve an even color result and also, unfortunately, the paint runs very fast under the nail, which is obviously not erwünschenswert. In addition to these problems, I feel the drying time is too long, the complete curing of the paint has lasted five times longer than I'm used to, for example, from quality brands such as Chanel. However, I did - made with much care a smooth and very beautiful color results, which unfortunately has not survived my first bath - the paint is unfortunately crumbled in several places and saw just 24 hours after the order from worst - after 36-48 hours was the result in my opinion no longer acceptable and I have the paint removed even though I really wanted to try it for a week.
My conclusion: The color is great and if you want dyeing his nails with effort and skill for a day for little money is well served with this paint.

Test Results:
Packaging design: 2 (good)
Product design: 2 (good)
Package Size: 1 (very good)
Handling: 5 (poor)
Economical use possible: no
Value for money: 4 (sufficient)
Konsestenz: 5 (poor)
Scent: not applicable
Visible results: 4 (adequate) to 5 (poor)
Care Result: not applicable
Compatibility: 2 (good)
Final verdict: 4 + (sufficient)
Content : 8 ml
Price : € 2-5
Available : Only for dm  
official product information : For a colorful styling should not miss beautiful, manicured nails in bright colors. Full color dynamics spices up the color victim nail polish on everyday life. Once applied, it brings a shiny finish and high durability - for top styled nails without color limits! With the new special flat brush manage a smooth and streak-free result. The flat brush takes more nail polish on without dripping and covered with a few brushstrokes the nail reliably. The color victim nailpolish is vegan. For an optimal and long lasting results use a base coat. This prevents discoloration prior to the natural nail and offers the ideal base for the application of the color coat. centered on the flat brush to apply nail and apply a coat of nail polish. This technique is repeated until the entire nail plate is painted with nail polish. Always paint from the nail root to the nail tip. For perfect sealing of nail polish use a top coat at the end. 
Ingredients : BUTYL ACETATE, ETHYL ACETATE, NITROCELLULOSE ADIPIC ACID / new diol / Trimellitic Anhydride Copolymer, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL, CI 77891, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Mica, ACRYLATES COPOLYMER, CI 15880, SILICA, CI 77510, TRIMETHYLPENTANEDIYL DIBENZOATE, polyvinyl butyral, TIN OXIDE, CI 19140, CI 15850


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